The Art of Engineering

Embedded System DesignEmbedded System Design


Scharf Engineering provides system level design expertise to produce a product that will meet the customer’s requirements and budget.  Knowledge and experience guide the decisions to implement a function  in hardware or software.

Software / Firmware DesignSoftware / Firmware Design


Scharf Engineering excels in fast and efficient firmware.  System instrumentation with PC hosted software is typically provided.   Large and complex projects are completed quickly.  C / C++ / C# are used on most projects.

Printed Circuit Board Design - PCBPrinted Circuit Board (PCB) Design


Large and small multilayer double sided boards, BGA’s, surface mount, high density connectors.  Capable of designing very dense layouts with sensitive analog circuitry.  

Digital DesignDigital Design


Microprocessor, microcontrollers.  64 / 32 / 16/ 8 bit CPU’s depending on project requirements. Vendors such as ARM variants, TI MSP430, etc. are typically used and are chosen according to customer requirements.

Analog Design / Sensor InterfaceAnalog Design / Sensor Interface


Many embedded designs have multiple sensor inputs.  The sensitive circuitry and proper signal conditioning are applied to acquire a high quality signal.  Scharf Engineering has worked with many different types of sensors. 

Field Programmable gate Array Design - FPGAField Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Design


From small amounts of glue logic to large signal processing engines, FPGA’s are very effective for reducing board size and expediting schedules.  Scharf Engineering typically uses Xilinx and VHDL as its solution to complex logic requirements.

Signal ProcessingDigital Signal Processing


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques are used to generate better results during signal acquisition and in algorithm design.  Skill is provided in both the math and implementation of FFT’s, FIR and IIR filters, and other DSP methods.



One of the most important and most overlooked skills in embedded design is debugging and diagnostics.  Scharf Engineering designs in diagnostics and is able to locate problems quickly and fix them.   

Testing and CertificationTesting and Certification


Product development can require passing strict hardware tests and certifications.  Scharf Engineering understands these requirements and designs systems from the start to pass these tests.  CE mark, UL, ISO, FCC, FDA 510K, etc.

Medical Device Design and TestingMedical Device Design and Testing


Scharf Engineering provides special expertise in medical device design.  The knowledge of the unique RA / QA requirements and certification challenges help customers get their product completed faster and more efficiently.